Stoned beyond the point of return.
'Hey slow down beatch, you toke any more you gonna get stodgified'
by Vore February 16, 2003
Top Definition
Something sort of heavy and thick in the way of food, often devoid of any real nutritional content. Used often in Britain (for obvious reasons).
Bloke 1: "I say, Wallace, one can receive a free Pudsey Bear from the offer on the back of this ReddiBrek oatmeal box."
Bloke 2: "ReddiBrek tastes like sawdust; I'm not eating that stodge."
by pyrex_fish March 11, 2006
typically white bread, but any type of bread which is incredibly doughy, unhealthy, "stodgy" and likely to clog your arteries, however, is unbelievably delicious and great with full fat butter. derived from Yorkshire
I would love a chip butty with butter and white stodge!
by ylimetwelve November 20, 2012
1. A grouchy old man.
2. A party pooper
1. "Look at that old stodge! He looks like a turtle"
2. "Oh c'mon, don't be such a stodge!"
by Stodge 1 and Stodge 2 August 29, 2007
The dough cleaned out of the bowl at a bakery or bread-shop at the end of the day, then carefully wrapped and put in the dumpster where some economical person might retrieve it. Keeps for ages, is tasty, with sultanas, cheese, ham sometimes.
I don't have to buy stuff, I just get stodge every now and then.
by mangovega May 06, 2010
mince and mash potatoe
mince onion and potatoes that have been boiled down to sludge, carrot stewed with lots of salt, lots = stodge, carrots optonal make huge pan and eat over the course of a week
by redvynal July 17, 2003
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