A place in England that doesn't contain enough townies. There are only 500,000 neds in Stockport yet I think I saw a grunger once. What if they round themselves up and attempt to outnumber us. I am a chav and without at least 20 townies surrounding me constantly I get scared.

Stockport is full of places fo' us Gs to hang 5 innit such as the cinema to see some light entertainment such as the latest xXx movie. There are benches outside of the local 5 star resturant McDonalds where one can spit as much as he chooses. In fact, there are three McDs. Truely a luxurius choice of a home town and a highly cultured society. Such as the local musical art theater, HMV, that plays exquisite rap classics. Beautiful paintings can be around the many monuments in which artists express themselves with spraypaint with such poetry as "I fucked Jen at this spot".

Has one of the only town centres smart enough not to ban hoodies (After all, they would lose ALL their customers, literally.)
Stockport is a high class, cultured society so we try not to let any riff-raff like you punks or working class jazz fags get in our way.
by Real Gangsta in da House July 13, 2005
Top Definition
Stockport may be a shithole but were fuckin better than blackpool and as for liverpool well its full of fuckin scouse bastards the twatting tramps. if any of you scuffy fat headed annoyin fuckin bell ends ever abuse stockport again im gonna rape your nanna suck a fat one u bastard scousers.
scruffy scouse bastards
by ? February 21, 2005
Large town in the south-east region of the Republic of Mancunia. Came 12th in the 50 crappest towns in the Britain book a couple of years ago. Has a larger amount of Man City season ticket holders than any other part of Mancunia (see "Man City"). Has a large scally population and a Sainsbury's which has the largest vending machine in Europe.
"Stockport, give us a song!"
by Lev Yashin September 26, 2004
-Largest town in the UK.
-300,000 people
-Home to the wonderful steve coogan and the awful sarah harding.
-Full of manchester united and city fans...and the odd county fan.
meh...i dont have one :(
by Hanny February 28, 2005
The most affluent borough of Greater Manchester, although most Stopfordians would still refer to it as being in Cheshire.
This is where it was until some knob in 1974 decided to move the boundaries to lump us in with the Mancunian rabble.
Also home to the "friendly football club" Stockport County.
Oh, I do wish that I could afford to move to Stockport.
by Stockport Steve December 12, 2006
The Cannabis city of the UK.
Stockport where they have real Cannabis and not imitation, soapbar hash. Stockport. The land of the free.
We have 8 skunk and 3 hash,
3 Cannabis cafes, no hookers.
by bobby April 20, 2004
Town just 6 miles away from Manchester(scum land) Also home to a Football club with brilliant support but poor performances.
" United's Shit,City's Worse | We Always Put The County First "
by Lee Martin March 29, 2005
Large town in southern manchester, famed for raging hordes of scallies who conduct hate campaigns against any non-scallies from the comfort of their urine-soaked park benches. Oh, and lots of old people.

Adjective: 'Stopfordian'
Mabel realised with an insidious feeling of dismay that her dirty secret was finally out: now everyone knew she was from Stockport.
by The Angel of the Odd March 20, 2005
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