v.tr. To copulate animalistically in a garden. Like bunny-fucking but with sharper claws.
And if everyone does why aren't we in the garden rutting like stoats at all times?
by Michael White April 22, 2004
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Scots slang, meaning to wander around aimlessly.
"I was just stoating aboot the toon"
by Sirius1982 April 28, 2008
A device used to counter attack whimsical statements, or Tom Birddus, aka hambule.
Guard the flanks ! Protect the rear ! Launch all stoat !
by Alan March 20, 2005
to be ugly, unattractive.
OMG, he is a total stoat.
In this outfit, I feel like a total stoat.
by summersun November 21, 2008
verb.- to be the apex or the pinnacle of something.
to put your claim or mark on territoy or items.

adv.- "stoaty"- to be the best at something
stoat- I got a couple of fine bitches to put my stoat on.

stoaty- I'm a stoaty G.
by Vindettah P.O.R.G. June 05, 2006
A useless embarrasment to the world. They can usually be identified as having large beards and most often seen around transport facilities e.g. bus depots, railways stations, bus depots etc.
The term veg can also be used to describe them.
"Oh that Andrew is a right stoat look at him!"

by yr05itisme December 03, 2006
(n) a person who is more of a douchebag than most of the douchebags one commonly encounters. If life was a video game and there was a "douchebag" level, the end boss would be a stoat.

Can also be used as "stoatage", "stoatitude" or "stoatsville"
That guy just illegally parked his $90000 BMW in a handicapped spot, and then chucked his garbage out the window. What a fucking stoat!

Don't bother going to Henry Hudsons on Thursdays--it's total stoatsville.

Did you see that "designer" pre-stressed "vintage" shirt that girl was wearing? That shit was infinite stoatage.
by stoat watch dot com June 13, 2007
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