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It simply means: sucks to miss you, still.

Describes a feeling of loss that you can't control and can't explain. It can happen at any moment without warning. When enough time has passed and you should be "healed" and moved on...but you have these moments of "what if" and "if only". It also describes the regret felt when you aren't right for that person and vise-versa however, you still miss them in your life.
Things are great, life is good, but it stmus.
#sad #reminisce #missing #something #you
by lifeisgood-but stmus September 11, 2013
Short for "shut the muffin up". XD
STMU, you're not making any sense. *cough*MORON!*cough*
#shut #the #muffin #up #stmu
by Kitsune-chan April 06, 2006
Shut them monkeys up. A lighter version of stfu .
STMU <insert n00bie name here>
by Reality Corp. June 02, 2004
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