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you remember - that one chick you banged in college and you could smell tuna while/after.
yo man, that bitch had some nasty-ass stinky pussy bro.
by Jamie_IN_VT May 23, 2006
134 57
A stinky pussy is a vagina reeking of a nasty mix of cheese and fish. The condition can be related to vaginal mycosis (like yeast) or lack of hygiene
I don't know how Peter can date Jane. She has a stinky pussy
by Eurasius Cornhale June 15, 2009
73 37
A pussy that smells like dumpster juice. A smelly vagina that emits a fishy odor. A girl from Ironwood MI who's pussy smells like a fish pocket.
You have such a "Stinky Pussy". It smells like teishabutts fish pocket.

Jen, you have a stinky pussy, it smells like dumpster juice
by mrskjellyfetti March 02, 2013
16 8
Something that stinks of rotting human carcasas, cheetos, and toejam all rolled up and crammed between two pieces of roast beef.
That two dollar hoe had a stinkypussy.
by Jeff January 27, 2005
11 17