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you remember - that one chick you banged in college and you could smell tuna while/after.
yo man, that bitch had some nasty-ass stinky pussy bro.
by Jamie_IN_VT May 23, 2006
A stinky pussy is a vagina reeking of a nasty mix of cheese and fish. The condition can be related to vaginal mycosis (like yeast) or lack of hygiene
I don't know how Peter can date Jane. She has a stinky pussy
by Eurasius Cornhale June 15, 2009
A pussy that smells like dumpster juice. A smelly vagina that emits a fishy odor. A girl from Ironwood MI who's pussy smells like a fish pocket.
You have such a "Stinky Pussy". It smells like teishabutts fish pocket.

Jen, you have a stinky pussy, it smells like dumpster juice
by mrskjellyfetti March 02, 2013
Something that stinks of rotting human carcasas, cheetos, and toejam all rolled up and crammed between two pieces of roast beef.
That two dollar hoe had a stinkypussy.
by Jeff January 27, 2005
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