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a generalized term meant to describe any variety of flatulent aroma/gas emitted from an adorable,"non-malevolent" source;i.e.:koala bear, cute baby,your girlfriend's bottom,etc.
widdle baby made a stinky poo! yes her did!
by zippy d.pinhead February 07, 2006
poo that is stinky, usually pooped by stinky dogs
"that dog just shat some stinky poo"
by my precious October 05, 2007
Dave thinks i am a one, because i smell like vegetables, but i hold that HE is one because of his distinct odor.

Also known as stinkerpoo
Dave: Oh man! Whats that carrot and spinach smell? Must be a STINKYPOO!

Me: You're the stinkerpoo, stinker!
by Jessie April 27, 2004