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He chats bullshit. Luckily we can't smell that or we'll all be dead.
His favourite band must be Rooster and his favourite TV shows are probably Cow & Chicken, The farm and Who rules the roost.
Someone called Edward Ford who chats bullshit and smells like chicken

Everyone else -"Edward!!! Stop watching 'the farm', put down that KFC and have a bath"
Edward - "I'll do it later!!!"
by anonymous February 09, 2005
EdWaRd FoRds hOmE
SmElL HiS BrEaTh aNd yOu cAn sMeLl tHe vArIeTy bUcKeT
ThE cHeApNeSs Of tHe fOoD ShOwS oN ThE cLoThEs ThAt hE ReNtS fRoM oXfAm
eDwArD WaNtS YoU To TrY OuT HiS NeW ChIcKeN BuRgER FoR 99P So He CaN ReNt SoMe ShOeS FoR 5 DaYs
by anonymous March 10, 2005
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