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To rub a dollar bill between your nasty smelly ass-cheeks, then leave it someplace obvious, and wait for someone to pick it up.
Dude, we did the stinkin lincoln at the mall, and some soccer-mom took the bait.

I 'rescued' her with a wet-nap, and tapped that milf-ass.
by Arkloyd August 24, 2008
An EXTREMELY smelly bowel movement.
Pewey louie that was a stinkin lincoln!
by Sidenote October 09, 2006
A Stinkin' Lincoln is a sexual act in which a man engages in anal sex and withdraws his feces covered penis, with which he draws a beard on his partner's face.
Bonus points for a top hat.
"I gave Betty a stinkin lincoln last night instead of going to ford theater."
by J.W. Booth February 14, 2008
When you put a roll of pennies up someone's ass.
I had a hard time cashing in my roll of pennies after I gave my girlfriend a Stinkin' Lincoln
by Drew80 August 08, 2006
During a 69 position, the man on top takes a dump on the partner's face and then places a five dollar bill on top of the steaming pile. (Also known as a dirty tip)
After we left Taco Bell, Shelly and I decided to 69 in her grandparents RV. After the A/C went out, I felt the need for a hot stinkin' lincoln.
by asbmatt September 26, 2009