sticking your finger in ones vagina/anus, or in one of a slut.
Matt ended up with a stink finger after playing with Hanna.
by Kacie February 18, 2005
Sticking your finger(s) in or around your anus, just enough to get a poop smell on it. Then, putting your "stink finger" up to someone else's nose, forcing them to smell the poop.
My wife came up to me when I was lying on the couch, and farted in my face. I ran after her, and gave her the stink finger.
by corky January 14, 2005
also called "stank fanger"
When one places any number of any fingers in someone else's asshole.
Can be used in multiple combos for huge points with pink fingers. also "pank fangers". Pink being the fingers inserted into a vagina.
When one throws up his pinky and his pointer and inserts one into the anus and one into the vagina, this is called "one for the pank, and one for the stank"
I was with vicki macinnis on the weekend...let me just say, one for the pank and one for the stank!
by Matt D. April 30, 2003
the odour of a finger that has been scratching ones bottom whilst asleep usualy wiped on pillow by wife whilst asleep
'get that stink finger away from me'
'keep that finger away from me
by bumholio October 08, 2005
to insert ones finger in bum and wype under enemys nose
"gee mate did someone give you the stinkfinger",steve said as he noticed some brown smelly substance under terrys nose.....
by ramigs October 24, 2004
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