When someone sticks their finger up your vagina and then smells it and does it again.
Shelby when shes done playing with Kevin.
by Stacey February 22, 2005
This is gained when a chosen number of fingers are inserted into the vagina belonging to a Skank

To obtain an even worse case of stink finger: Two fingers are inserted into the vagina and the 'pinky' finger is inserted into the anus
'Two in the goo and one in the poo'
by Link December 10, 2004
A game played in which you stick your finger into a friend or lovers anus, pull it out, sniff it and try to guess what they ate based on the smell.
Me and Courtney played stink finger last night, she was a real corn beef amateur.
by DaKingOfChodes November 12, 2013
When you finger a girl and you put your finger/fingers up to your friends nose.
Dude my friend did a Stinkfinger to me!

What did it smell like?

Smelled like fish!
by Beha1993 June 03, 2009
A lot less simple than it sounds. This maneuver requires the insertion of one or more fingers into a vagina for a variety of reasons.

a: To prepare for love making.
b: To check for disease and smell.
c: Manual stimulation.

Once insertion is achieved you discreetly hold the perpetrating fingers under the nose and sniff them for danger. If all is well it doesn't smell.
I gave Paula the stink finger on our date and it smelled like hot tomato soup.
by Dr. Feel April 27, 2009
The Wonderful aroma of sticking your finger up someones anus and then sniffing it.
Stacey had a stink finger after playing with Cyril.
by Shelby February 21, 2005
What happens when wipeing your ass too hard and punching a hole in the paper.
I wish my wife would get better tolit paper. Everytime I wipe my ass I have stink finger for hours.
by David Faircloth June 21, 2005
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