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Noun: (STINK-A-ROO-TIE-TUSS), a condition in which the patient expels gas extremely often and creates a nearly unbearable odor that can be smelled in an astounding 73 foot radius.

this sickness is usually gotten from eating an abundance of beans or cheese. Eating beans, cheese, and eggs all at once will almost guarantee that you will acquire this disease

Flatulence that is emitted when a person with stinkareutitus farts have been known to reach over 9000 on the rectum scale
Guy # 1- *phhhhhhht* *phhht*

Guy # 2- what the hell man thats like the tenth fart in the last 5 minutes

Guy # 1- i know man i think im comin down with a case of stinkareutitus
by the fART SMella April 07, 2009
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