A butthole.
When Carl pulled his pants down to moon everyone, we could all see his stink star.
by Phartman December 24, 2009
Top Definition
The amazing aspect of a womans body, that after a few days of not bathing, delivers a tastey nuance to oral sex when applying the tongue to her sphincter opening.
After we spent all day hiking in The Bob Marshall, we pitched camp and settled in. After we ate and retired to our tent things got pretty hot. Our bags were laid out and I spread her ass cheeks wide. I gingerley licked her stink star, savouring her taste, sniffing her dirthole and licking up her days worth of sweaty funky residue.
by The Cornhole King January 18, 2005
The stink star is the place where poo comes from, also known as the butt hole or brown eye.
If you dont leave me alone right now, Im going to put my boot in your stink star!
by Bubba cop November 10, 2008
butthole; the anal opening through which fecees passes
As the dog walked off, his uplifted tail revealed his little pick stinkstar.
by meep April 22, 2003
1 A person who spouts lude phrases at all who will listen, 2 the rear orifice
1 "Hey, that guy is a stinkstar".,
2 Your about to get kicked in your stinkstar,.
by Philisoph July 02, 2003
your mom's best china
don't stain your mom's stink star! it's an antique!
by Steve Winters November 01, 2003
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