During the act of intercourse, in the Doggie style position, the male inserts his finger into the females anus and then hooks his finger into her mouth and cheek. There are several variations including one hook, two hooks, and chumming
I caught her with the fish hook, and I gave her the stink bait.
by The Doomsday Machine June 30, 2006
Top Definition
A catfish bait that is made up of some real nasty shit. Examples include crawfish blood, chicken guts, and beef liver. When all put together it creates one mighty stink. Heat makes the smell even worse.
Hey Big Ern, this stink bait is the bomb, I have caught 5 catfish already.
by PTM May 19, 2006
While having intercourse doggy style you insert your finger in her ass and swirl it around to get an even layer as if to give her a dirty sanchez but instead of a swipe across the upper lip you fish hook her mouth.
While I we were doing it doggy style I decided to give her the ol' stink bait.
by Demonicles June 01, 2007
When you are fucking a girl doggy and you insert you finger into her asshole, then take it out and hook her in the mouth with it and pull like you are reeling in a fish.
I was hitting this chick from behind and I totally gave her the stink bait.
by Dalton616 December 25, 2009
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