A stinkbag is a fairly unknown variation of the popular "Tea-Bag". Standing over a downed opponent you drop your pants and attempt to stamp your man-purse on the victim's forehead. At the same time you release a cloud of noxious gas otherwise known as a beefer. Congrats, you have successfully completed a stink-bag.
Travis tripped and hit his head on the sidewalk. Kevin stepped forward and skillfully applied a Stink-bag to travis' face. The waft of butt roses in the air and the sight of kevins brain bag caused travis to spew lima beans on the sidewalk.
by Narcoleptic Ninja (Bud) February 14, 2007
Top Definition
STINK BAG The act of having sex with multiple stank whores or having sex with your sheep in the barn. Thus creating a mighty stench on the old nut bag.
Holy G's Rastus done got himself a terrific case of the stink bag again. Must have been down at the farm...OHH YAH!
by Digger October 02, 2006
A diaper filled with poop.
Mia's been wearing that stink bag all over the house.
by dadaevan April 01, 2007
The act of pushing the man's balls between his legs and bending over, allowing the other man or woman to suck on the man's balls while sticking their nose up their ass.
Ben is so fucking gay. I heard in jail he gave some guy a stinkbag, and his nose is stained brown...
by Asmus May 31, 2006
can refer to an easy, loose, annoying, fat, or otherwise unclean girl.
q: Did you see the turd cutter on that hose hound?
a: Dont do it man she's a filthy stinkbag.
by coop a loop May 24, 2005
A womans vagina that smells so rotten it would knock a gorilla out
Man, have you smelled the stinkbag on Jake's mom? I had to go to the emergency room after taking a wiff of that thing!
by Mike March 10, 2005
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