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A pastry that has had a mean stink baked into it. This is usually done by creating a fold in the dough and farting into it the folding it back over for a hot stink bake.
Billy: Dude that pastry sure tasted right like butt.
Keith: Ya eh
Billy: Ya like there was poo baked into the thing.
Kieth: lol april fools that was a friggen stink pop.
Billy: Aww gross! no way ,this guy , ha ha
by donte wendles February 28, 2011
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The act of a female farting on a cock before it gets stuck in her mouth.
One day a man was talking about a hook up to his friend and explained that some girls are into weird things during sex. His friend was curious about this, so the man said that this bitch he was with last night asked me the Stink Pop her... He had no clue so the kinky bitch explained!! He said yes!
by Whut_whut-AL December 15, 2012
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