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When you put your friends cell phone in your sweaty asscrack.Is closely related to the stink palm.The best way to do it is to rub their phone in your crack, tell them you are leaving,go somewhere where they cant see you but you can see them, and call them. It gets really good when you call them and tell them what you just did! The reaction and look on thier face---priceless. You might want to keep an eye on all of your belongings for awhile to make sure they dont try to get you back.
You should have seen the look on chris's face when I told him I gave him a stink Phone!
by choad666 January 21, 2006
Calling your work buddy who is in another office and farting in the phone as soon as he answers.
" Merlin gave Bearclaw the stinkphone 3 times when he was on duty the other day"
by liverwurst36 June 01, 2009
The result of putting the antenna of a cordless phone into one's anus, usually in an effort to plague the phone user with the constant scent of ass while on the phone, or worse the taste of ass if the user happens to be an antenna biter.
K-Vo was being a douche, so I gave him a stinkphone.
by [Skut] October 31, 2007
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