Another name for Toledo Ohio
You're going down to Toledo? I would avoid that stink hole.
by Go Ham May 27, 2012
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basic term for ass...also could be used as term for nasty vagina.
1.ralph hit me in the stink hole.
2.i went down on erica's stink hole.

Comment submitted with request to Delete: "This is the name of my band! Please do not infringe on my copyright."
by anthony August 18, 2003
Anus. The opening at the end of the large intestine (rectum) that expels stool. See also butthole, asshole
Back-door-Betty loves it in the stinkhole.
by charlygordon123456 July 12, 2006
the poopy butt area
"i pooped out my stink hole"
by dumb dumb dumb February 12, 2009
Baltimore, Maryland
That stinkhole, baltimore, is the arm pit of the East Coast.
by steviedee May 26, 2004
Very crude term fo vagina.
She thinks she can use her stinkhole to get whatever she wants.
by BigBastard January 10, 2005

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