when you dont like sharing with others. or you just cant give.
assole dont be so stingy danm jew. you are a stingy jew!
by nigger fucker April 23, 2008
Cheap. Refuses to part with seemingly low value items not neccisarily required by the person. These items may be such as money, a bit of spare time, a bit of help or a bit of attention. Commonly used against males.
1) That guys stingy because he did not pay for that girls meal even tho hes dating her, i dont know how she puts up with him!

2) That guys stingy because hes not even paying attention to her, even though shes trying desperately for his attention.

3) That guys stingy because hes not lending a hand to that guy whos hanging off that building asking for a bit of help to get down, even though hes only caught on a hook and the guy is right next to it!

4) That guys stingy because he didnt do his homework and hes blaming it on someone else.
by GentleCaress November 27, 2005
A type of hat with a narrow brim. Brim is often upturned in the back and downwardly turned in the front. Usually the hat has a band around it for decoration. Hat resembles one that would likely have been worn by a member of the Rat Pack (Sinatra, Martin, Davis, et al). Similar to a fedora, but with a narrower brim.
That stingy you're wearing reminds me of Frank Sinatra.
by mlyons789 July 06, 2010
Someone who wont give it up, after several requests... Damn if its that good, you should share it.
Mr. H is stingy with the booty.
by B~money September 11, 2006
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