A shity place in nj where a retard danny still lives that likes to say nigger until jake pimp slaps him. Almost everyone hear is a red neck butt plug. Theres nothing to do but bmx in ur drive way make fun of people and smoke weed in the woods.
hey i heard you moved to still water

yeah its so boring hear i spent all my money on pcp weed.
by wiggywig November 19, 2011
Top Definition
Home to the greatest university in the world, Oklahoma State. Also home to the World Famous Eskimo Joes Bar and Grill.
Guy 1-I'm going to Stillwater to party tonight.
Guy 2-Yeah, Stillwater kicks ass.
by Poke April 03, 2005
1. Home of the University that consistently places second in the state of Oklahoma: in matters such as Football, Rhodes Scholars, Tenured Faculty, Awesomeness, and Epicness, behind the University of Oklahoma. The said university in question is the highly mediocre Oklahoma State University;

2. What one sees when they peer into a toilet;

3. Where the girls are as fake-tan orange as the school colors and the cows are more attractive than said fake-tanned orange girls.
Yeah dude, I walked into the stall and I saw 'Stillwater' in the toilet and by the way did you hear how OSU lost to OU in football the last 8 games in a row, including 4 they played in Stillwater, also I noticed that It must always be Halloween in Stillwater because it looks like all of the girls and/or cows, I couldn't tell the difference, were wearing orange body paint...
by PistolPeteSucks June 29, 2011
The name of the band from the Cameron Crowe film "Almost Famous".
Patrick Fugit followed around the band Stillwater for his story in Rolling Stone Magazine.
by Jesus March 09, 2005
Home to a unvierse that cares more about athletics than academics or the arts. Wastes more money on losing sports team than on programs that are worth something
Guy 1- I'm going to stillwater tonight.
Guy 2- Man, I'm sorry. I'd rather eat at infested cheese.
Guy 1- I'm going to Stillwater tonight.
Guy 2- Man, I'm sorry. I'd rather eat at infested cheese.
by Zack12345678987654321 October 17, 2008

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