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slang term for vagina as used in Katy Perry's California Gurls
dude, how was last night?
i got to see amy's stiletto!
by grfskater333 September 21, 2010
7 17
Strip club down the 8th avenue in Manhatan. They dont sell any alcohol =(.
Where does Betsy work?
She dances in stiletto.
by bill henderson February 22, 2005
20 36
Stillettos are knives that are spring loaded to edject from the top of the hilt used in many mobster movies to kill people.
"Hey Al Capone just pulled out a pair of stilettos and stabbed the dirty mother fucker like a thousand times"
by steve213546 November 09, 2006
20 45
a very cool show which girls can rock in
stilettos.pimps. in the club. whoever thought that these girls can get crunk. we rock in stileetos ho
by sarah February 23, 2005
12 97