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Women who have got killer careers and enviable social lives. They're also major potheads. These are smart, successful women who light up in their off-hours.

These women are the balls-to-the-wall career animals whose idea of decompressing after a grueling day isn't a glass of Chardonnay but a toke (or three) of marijuana—not just every now and again, but on a regular basis—the type who stashes a pack of E-Z Wider rolling paper in the silverware drawer or keeps a pipe at the ready next to a pile of bills. By all outward appearances, they are card-carrying, type A workaholics who just happen to prefer kicking back with a blunt instead of a bottle.
Me & my boss are stiletto stoners; everyday we work so hard to accomplish goals. At the end of a grueling day, there is but only one way, to relax!
by X___T May 22, 2010
fairly young women (who can afford stilettos in the first place) with reputable jobs and families who smoke weed
an example of a stiletto stoner would be 25 year old lawyer confesses to smokeing a joint in her bubble bath after a long day of work.
by non reputable pot head September 22, 2009