In the ghetto, it refers to any ding dong measuring longer than the universal standard 6 1/2 inch length of penile member as prescribed by the AMA.
Mac Dawg: Yo man I just got me some stik yo... whew!

Money Face: Get tha f*ck away from me faggot!
by Leeloo May 15, 2006
Top Definition
a nickname for a guy
someone I know has this nickname and he's really skinny so it makes sense
Person #1 "Yo where's stiks?
Person #2 "Back there"
by Debb November 23, 2007
Pronunciation: Stÿčk

The act of having no idea.
-Dude how tight is your butthole?
-Stik you disgusting fuck!
-Well you sorta gave me an answer so aren't you disgusting?
-Well-! Stik am I?
by MagicMoondance August 05, 2014
sick new carveboard, get on one soon fellas
by blair b May 19, 2003
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