1. The nigga that grabs the goose from a brothas cabinet.

2. A nigga who forgets to wash his dirty bitch ass hands afta finger-fuckin his lil ms. roten-crotch
Eakins: Send Gladden to snag that drank...he's got them sticky fingers.

Eakins: That shit was nutts...I finger fucked the shit outta dat bitch.

Jeeeerd: Fuck nigga why you shake my hand with them dirty ass sticky fingers
by Eaks August 23, 2006
The term used to describe the process of gathering the little pieces of weed or cocaine off of a table or counter top, for their use of a geeb or nummy.
"Hey man, do you mind if I get a "sticky fingers" on that table over there."

"Oh there goes Sketch again, he is always sticky fingering where I pack a bowl; just looking for enough to pack a geeb."
by geebinstine January 08, 2013
A guy who fingers one girl, then hooks up with her while a different girl sucks on those same fingers
-"yo did you get any last night?"
-"yeah man you dont even wanna know. just call me sticky fingers."
by 12waffle34 January 17, 2011
When you just touched purple leaf dank.
Jerome has sticky fingers since he sold that 1/8th.
by LaFondra May 16, 2007
The action of fingering a girl
e.g "her pussy is sticky" or "She's had her pipes cleaned". one person notorious for this is ash who is the sticky finger pimp!
by 1337357 May 22, 2005
The most hardcore rapper to ever release a track. Sticky fingers a member of the group Onyx was the first person to ever shoot that fag 50 cent. Also when Jam master Jay died and the chairty van was started they avoided sticky out of fear of him tagging the van with onyx. He also has some of the best lyrics to date
I had your whore on her knees gave her taste of life Yo bitch rather me my whore then your wife - Sticky Fingers from full Clip remix
by Rusty187 September 09, 2005

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