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Doing a sloppy job of cleaning up after jerking off and some cum remains and gets stuck to your boxers. The next time you need to take off your boxers, you have to peal your dick off, thus sticky dick.
"Man, I had such bad sticky dick this morning that I almost peeled the skin of my dick."
by Buckets. December 09, 2007
a condition found in males, usually in the midwestern summer, in which the cock and balls become sweaty and sticky, clinging to your inner thigh.
goddammit, we gots ta get back into the A/C. I got sticky dick like a mutha fukkka
by Humidity Hater October 24, 2003
After a girl gives you head. Leaves her gum behind in your pubic hair.
Oh man when she was done I had stickydick.
by Jeffrey Alan Brown January 05, 2008
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