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A condition resulting from seeing the total price of a bunch of items and realizing the damage is much greater than you originally expected. May cause a person to have second thoughts about the purchase.
I wanted to book your mom for 7 days of her "services," but when I realized the total came to $21, I got major sticker shock and decided to bail out.
by Nicholas D June 14, 2006
A problem that affects people as soon as they try to buy groceries in Alaska, Hawaii, New York City or San Francisco.

Also very common at cheesy 'upscale' nightclubs in nearly every mid to large sized city in the United States.

From what I understand there is a seriously acute version of the disease in London too. Not sure if the British variety is contagious.
In Alaska everything is imported so prices are higher resulting in early sticker shock. When you start to notice that even products produced in that state (i.e. petrol, weed) are way more expensive than they would be elsewhere in the U.S. the condition moves beyond sticker shock and there is a new word for it: Gouging.
by Big Gaspar May 21, 2010
The feeling people get when the realize the true price of an item that they initially thought was a bargain or at least a good buy. Often leads to buyers remorse.
Many Obama voters are feeling a sense sticker shock now that they are faced with the true cost of his programs and agenda.
by lbsrfr September 14, 2009
the pain u experience,when people put a sticker on your skin..and then pull it off...
Ouch!..dont give me a sticker shock
by CryptoGenesis May 28, 2010
The reaction you has when you discover exactly how young the girl you've been dating really is.
"Brian had sticker shock when he discovered that his girlfriend was really 17"
by Telewyn April 28, 2007
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