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Derogatory term used for ineffectual, obtuse, annoying, idiotic or bothersome males. Usually reserved for those in their mid teens. Believed to be Canadian in origin.
Did you see Dave's mullet cut. What a stickbag!
by gordo5 July 30, 2010
1 1
When your scrotum sticks to your leg.
I got a narr case of stick bag
by tontis August 25, 2009
0 2
Generally used to holster drumsticks; attached via Velcro to the sides of snare and tenor drums.

In addition, it can be interpreted as a suitable holster for penises.
"I'll put my stick in your stickbag, and by stick I mean penis, and by stickbag I mean stickbag."
by Epex November 15, 2010
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