A stupid faggot 'well-known cartoon character' that appeared in the Systematics of Native Freshwater Fish lab, even when he stuck out like an erect cock at a lesbian convention because he is neither well known or a cartoon character.

Mostly he's just a cunt.
"OMG did you see that they included stickman on the phenetic tree of well known cartoon characters, thats just fucking bullshit".

"Look at that stickman, doesn't even have genitals to even slightly arouse me, what a cunt".
by MacClade August 08, 2012
Top Definition
Your stick man is a good friend that always got your back.
Like a right hand man.
by Pharm from BX April 22, 2005
someone who sticks up for you, someone who has your back in a fight
Some dude was talkin shit, so me and my stickman set him straight.
by layman March 16, 2005
A drawn character that appears to look like it's made of small sticks.
A very basic way to draw humans.
-You should try drawing real people instead of stickmen.
- But stickmen are so much easier!
by fishmeester July 29, 2005
the definition of stickman is a little cartoon drawing you can do anything with.
you can throw stickman off buildings and kill them or put them in weird adventures
by blablablabla March 14, 2007
The guy who bangs the stripper in front of all his buddies at a bachelor party.
" wow look at him go! He sure is a great stick man"
by Staeve February 01, 2014
(n): Your close buddy, homie, friend or partner. Your "ride or die" buddy that you roll with on a regular basis.

Origin: Chesapeake,Virginia
Guy 1: "Who's that with you,dun?"
Guy 2: "That's my stick-man from Virginia Beach, he's cool."
Guy 1: "That's what's up, we can ride out then!"
Someone who is basic like a stick figure drawing and too dumb to understand anything of complexity. A very one-dimensional person.. To be used as insult against their character or intellect.
"You're a stick man" said Jon after hearing Bob explain his devotion to #gamergate
by Bleakmode October 23, 2014

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