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Your stick man is a good friend that always got your back.
Like a right hand man.
by Pharm from BX April 22, 2005
69 6
someone who sticks up for you, someone who has your back in a fight
Some dude was talkin shit, so me and my stickman set him straight.
by layman March 16, 2005
81 32
A drawn character that appears to look like it's made of small sticks.
A very basic way to draw humans.
-You should try drawing real people instead of stickmen.
- But stickmen are so much easier!
by fishmeester July 29, 2005
45 13
the definition of stickman is a little cartoon drawing you can do anything with.
you can throw stickman off buildings and kill them or put them in weird adventures
by blablablabla March 14, 2007
20 9
An international performer who's toured around the world over the last 24 years. Known for his stick juggling abilities, and general insanity. Originality from Canada.
I saw the "Stickman" in Australia.
by weeble007 November 29, 2011
7 3
(n): Your close buddy, homie, friend or partner. Your "ride or die" buddy that you roll with on a regular basis.

Origin: Chesapeake,Virginia
Guy 1: "Who's that with you,dun?"
Guy 2: "That's my stick-man from Virginia Beach, he's cool."
Guy 1: "That's what's up, we can ride out then!"
5 1
The plural of stickman
1 stickman
2 stickmen
by fishmeester August 06, 2005
3 0