Something very unpleasant.
Well I don't do sex, but I could give you a stickjob!
by The REAL Ratfish April 07, 2008
Top Definition
Something that really hurts
"I can give you a stick job, but it really hurts"
by OscarMG November 19, 2007
1.where a stick-man puts one hand in the mouth and the other up the anus until they meet.

2.incredebly unpleaeant and painful form of sex that can only be peformed by a stick-man.
stick-man: i can give you a stick job
peter: that err... well that sounds er
stick-man: yes that is very unpleasant
by i'mmeobviosly December 20, 2010
When an amputee who has lost his or her arm at least 4 inches below the elbow, jacks a penis in the pit of said elbow.
"That hooker with half an arm gives 3 dollar stickjobs."
by Chester the Molester Cocknstuf February 10, 2010
The breakage of a boner,(stiff one, woody, ect.), (rare occurance, but still happens).
When someone (either acitively or passively) bends/breaks their own or another person's wood.(stick job).
by 6p3n-1sl@nd9 November 03, 2010
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