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The penis of a "she-male."
As used in a Savage Love column April 2006:

A taste for she-male cock—a.k.a. "stick pussy"—is exclusive to straight-identified males
by Avid reader April 07, 2006
1. A gross euphmemism for penis.
The prisoner was overheard saying: "sucking cock ain't so bad. Just think of it as "stickpussy".
by berserker256 May 16, 2003
old school term meaning penis.
"I gave her some of my stick pussy."

"I whipped out my stick pussy."
by squatlo January 10, 2005
Short answer a penis. Its what gay men want.
Hey I hear clarence like to chase the stick pussy around.
by Schuhdaddy August 03, 2007
The sex organ found on a pre-op transsexual or hermaphrodite.
Later when I took her home, she fucked me with that huge stickpussy.
by wachit November 06, 2003
the womanly figure in a homosexual male relationship or if two male are riding a motorcycle, the on the back is refered to as this
There goes Bob and his stick pussy
by coflo April 17, 2005
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