Acronym: Start the funk up
"I'm out to get busy!"

"Well start the funk up!"
by misterchill March 16, 2004
Sink The Fat U-Boats
none needed...i hope
by matt March 27, 2004
Stfu = Stop that flying unicorn!
Jack: You suck.
Jill: fu
Jack: No, really. You're horrible.
Jill: stfu!!!!!!
Jack: =O Where?!
Jill: ?
by checkerz July 23, 2008
Stupid Fuck
n00b: i drank like 3 beers yesterday
1337 one: Wow, and that went well?
n00b: no of course not, i puked all over the place
1337 one: STFU
by T|L|K April 28, 2004
the acronym for what you say to someone (shut the fuck up) who spells internet acronyms out loud in a real life conversation as opposed to saying the actual words
dude1: stfu (spells out stfu) I only kiss that other guy cause's my religion so wtf (spells out wtf) you talking about I'm not gay.

dude2: No you shut the fuck up you don't even know proper english and that was the dumbest bullshit I've heard since George Bush's last speech.
by Tony_Chen March 21, 2007
It's an abbreviation which means "SHUT THE FUCK UP"
PERSON ONE "Glasgow Celtic and Hibernian sucks"
PERSON TWO "STFU you don't know a fuck about football.Hearts and rangers are shite you scumbag"
by Bajen Viking August 22, 2015
shut the fuck up
stfu means you should stop whatever that you are doing or you shouldn't be doing that bro.
by TheFuckingUrbanGuy September 12, 2015
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