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Stupid Fuck
n00b: i drank like 3 beers yesterday
1337 one: Wow, and that went well?
n00b: no of course not, i puked all over the place
1337 one: STFU
by T|L|K April 28, 2004
14 121
the acronym for what you say to someone (shut the fuck up) who spells internet acronyms out loud in a real life conversation as opposed to saying the actual words
dude1: stfu (spells out stfu) I only kiss that other guy cause uh..it's my religion so wtf (spells out wtf) you talking about I'm not gay.

dude2: No you shut the fuck up you don't even know proper english and that was the dumbest bullshit I've heard since George Bush's last speech.
by Tony_Chen March 21, 2007
59 174