Star Trek Federation University
I got my degree at STFU.
by Plex May 05, 2004
State Tenant Farmer's Union.
STFU. It's in American history, guys!
by ms devious July 07, 2006
stfu,short for "shut the fuck up"
stfu you supergaymo fucktard
by Todd F. November 30, 2003
1)Despite its original intentions, it is most often interpreted as "Stuff You" written in shorthand.
2)Intended to mean shut the f**k up.
Hey, stfu man.
by Willy Johnson November 04, 2003
Used to mean Shut the "F" up, also means Step the "F" up.
"If you think you are man enough, then STFU and prove it".(Reference to the phrase, "Cowboy up"). Of course both phrases are commonly used together.
"If you think you are man enough, then STFU (Step The "F" Up) and prove it, otherwise STFU (Shut The "F" Up) and sit your ass down".
by Cable Kenn February 24, 2006
slang for shut the fuck up
him: stfu bitch!
her: no you stfu!
by Anymoose October 01, 2005
Shortened Version of "Shut the Fuck up!" Used commonly by people in Britan and England, also on such things like AIM, MSN, and Yahoo Messenger.

Literally, they are telling you to bang that girl more quietly, producing less orgasms. Go bang that person who said STFU with a crowbar in the ass.
Guy: "STFU"
Guy 2: "You go fuck it, or I shove a crowbar up yo hole!"
Guy: "What? Go Rape a bus!"
by W/e March 09, 2005

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