Sacred Trust of Females United! women rock! women get the job done!
Marianne: "Hey Melissa- you did a great job today"
Melissa: "Looks like you and Eva did a great job today too, Marianne"
Eva, Marianne & Melissa: "STFU !!!"
by Evil Eva July 12, 2008
It means for Tsuki to stfu plxkthxbye.
Tsuki STFU, plxkthxbye.
by Flare17 September 02, 2006
means Shut the Fuck Up...basically shutting down whoever is talking.
why dont u STFU and go away!
by greg m April 29, 2004
A shortcut for "Shut the Fuck Up".
It saves the effort of actually writing these words.
Used usually in Online-Multi Games, as Counter Strike, Enemy Territory, UT, etc.
It is used especially for shuting up ppl who use the mic for chat talks, or swearing.
But it is also useful in a argument, as you get annoyd from the other idiot.

The most common uses are:
"STFU you fucking n00b!"
"stfu, idiot"
"oh, stfu, you're an idiot."
"stfu >_>"
"stfu -_-"
by Funky-Monk August 29, 2005
(v) An acronym for the phrase "Stop The Frolicking Unicorns!", a phrase used by Shroomers, Acid-Users, and other hippies from H$A, S.F, used to tell people to stop the unicorns they see frolicking down the street after they become hallucinated due to the Acid and Shrooms and start to see frolicking unicorns.

(See "Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay")
Person 1: "Tom, whats wrong? You look freaked out man..."

by STFU650 August 16, 2008
STFU - Swim to france, ugly.

Often used when you want an ugly person to remove themselves from your view, subject to failure if used in france.
guy 1: STFU n00b
guy 2: but I can't swim.
by Kinky pinky April 04, 2005
Star Trek Federation University
I got my degree at STFU.
by Plex May 05, 2004

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