A drug used by men to grow there muscles. This is mostly used in professional sports, but mostly Major League Baseball. A perfect example of steroids in Major League Baseball is the New York Yankees. Steroids let you do things in baseball like hit homeruns using only 50 or 60% of your power because you are in therepy.

Also see:
New York Yankees, Jason Giambi, Gary Sheffield, Alex Rodriguez
And theres another homerun by Alex Rodriguez, it looks like he used only half of his power in that swing yet he hits it over 400 feet, I wonder why that could be.
by Red Sox rock August 07, 2005
The breakfast of pussies.
Only lazy slackers with short dicks take steroids because they just can't cut it.
by Funployee June 01, 2007
Chemical way to change your male gender to female.
I took steroids, my cock n' balls shrinked and formed a nice vulva, and since I started to develope breasts I think I'll be street prostitute.
by Lord Cthulhu September 12, 2003
The key to adding slabs of fake muscle to your body, and also to becoming a pro bodybuilder.
Yo I took my Austrian Brand steroids today and gained 5 lbs of muscle! But my dick shrank an inch...
by Jenkins December 06, 2003
A drug almost all Yankee players use to become good at baseball. Once their bodies start to break down from these drugs the Yankees try to void their contracts. But they like to keep other players who admit they were on steroids because they're still producing.
Person #1: Jason Giambi took steroids and the Yankees want to void his contract.
Person #2: So did Gary Sheffield.
Person #1: But he's still good so we'll let it slide.
by JasonGiambi December 10, 2004
stuff that almost every single athlete takes that makes them grow boobs.
when takin steroids, men grow "moobs" man boobs. Ex. man are you takin steroids cuz u growin moobs.
by Eenya September 13, 2006
Someone who cheats on homework or gets it from the net and appears to be really smart to the teachers.
"Billy,Alec, and David are such steroids, they get there answers from the internet and our teacher still thinks they are geniuses!"
by Shuligan September 18, 2005

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