Muscle enhancing supplemetn, illeagle.
Dude, i bought a new steroid today, look at my guns!
by kent May 11, 2003
a muscle enhancing nut shrinker
by allen oh April 05, 2005
1. small testicles
2. homosexual
steroid may think he is cool, but he is actually a lamo. <3
by bulletsxromance March 15, 2005
The Sunny D of professional sports.
Has everything a pro athlete needs.
by bigtones January 14, 2005
What steroids do is replenish your muscles at a super human rate. they dont just magicaly make your muscles get huge. they take alot of work but even though you wont be feeling sore it takes alot of time. mostly used to either 1. get big fast or 2. to get REALY huge over a long period of time. you can tell a person uses steroids from a mile away. if his traps are sticking out of his back and he has a huge chest and sub-par abs. steroids alow you to easily do 2 FULL workouts in a day without feeling sore so you can do it everyday. And yes they have there draw backs, i.e. the most popular "shrunken balls" yes this is true it also fucks around with alot of your organs also, most people dont care because there only thinking about that gold medal, or that super bowl ring.
I decided i wanted to become a bouncer so i gained 20 pounds in a month by using steroids and appled at a local club.
by Nik "The Truth" Samija September 13, 2006
David Ortiz's Main reason for his sudden succsess
(Red Soz Fan)David Ortiz suddenly turned into a good hitter.

(Yankee Fan) Thats nice... *cough* Steroids!
by Rattlesnake316 October 19, 2004
Drugs used for ppl to build muscle and get stronger, better at sports, etc.
...damn, those things work
by AflacJack August 27, 2003

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