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A smart ass, one who answers questions not posed to him/her. A know-it-all dweeb. One who Googles everything for answers. A damn shame.

Not to be confused with a "Beast".
Damn it, that f#@*kin' sterfry always has to put his two cents in!
by Da Beast SF February 26, 2007
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the opitomy of intelligence, sophistication, humor, and class.
That man sure is a sterfry of a fella.
by Malia April 30, 2003
A person of high qualities, morals, standards, threshold of humor. Not to be confused with stir-fry
Wow... I want to marry a sterfry like that...
by SterFry April 29, 2003
very smart guy.
BTW: It's epitome.
by SterFry May 10, 2003

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