the belief that a certain person has to belong a group that has similar attributes

Black/African American/Nigga- thugs, criminals, theives, speaks in ebonics, broke, strapped, rapper, rapist, drug dealers, alcholics

Mexican- illegal, janitors, does manual labor for low prices, delivers pizza

Chinese/Japanese/Korean- delivers Chinese food, smart in math and science, can't speak English, wannabe rappers

White- spoiled, rockers, racist, wannabe black, kiss asses, bossy, punk rocker, pussy ass, afraid of a nigga wigger or wanksta

Arab/Iraqi/????Irani???/Indian- wears turbans, owns convenience stores, smelly, angry, terrorist
1.White lady watches black guy closely because she thinks he'll jack her car.

2. "Hey, Peter. Call immagration. The guy who mows the Jones' lawn is back"- white woman about Mexican immigrant.

3."Hey, Chang! Where's my por-fry-rye!"- white guy to chinese delivery man.

4. "Look at dat wigga tryna floss dem rhinestones, dawg!"-black guy to friend.

5."I bet that guy in the turban is gonna bomb his convenience store."- white guy stereotypes Iraqi at gas station.
by MayaEA April 18, 2006
Truthful assumption of a person which saves quite a bit of time. You may find a person who does not fit a stereotype, but these should be the exception, not the rule.
Person 1: Stereotypes aren't true!
Person 2: Yes they are, stupid; THAT'S WHY THEY EXIST!
by TheVoiceOfReason November 09, 2005
Something that racial-fascists are sensitive to. Whiny minorities fail to realize that they themselves maintain ethnic barriers, due to their chronic bitching about offensive racial jibes. Taking stereotypes too seriously just draws more clear boundaries between ethnic groups.
News reporter: Highway traffic crawled down to 25 mph today after several Asian street racers induced a severe automobile logjam at the Route 15 off ramp due to bad driving. Wait, we have a caller.

Sensitive Asian Anonymous Caller #1: Yu lacist plick!
Sensitive Asian Anonymous Caller #2: Rook! Don't pray onto our stereotypes. We people, nawt stah-tis-tick!
by C Tan November 25, 2005
A type of overgeneralization towards any group of peoples or places. (e.g. americans = arrogant)

Most stereotypes are used on ethnicities and are usually negative, however many contain a bit of truth in them.

The most common stereotypes are (and my rating in accuracy 5=most accurate, 1=least accurate):

Black - thugs, gangsters, criminals, rappers, carries alot of jewelry, speaks in ebonics (thug language), armed (e.g. with a gat)
Accuracy = 3.5

White - spoiled, arrogant, useless, racists, rockers
Accuracy = 2.5

Asian - rich, skinny or chubby, smart in math and sciences, stupid in english and humanities, drives souped up cars (e.g. Honda), skinny eyes, short, wannabes, nerdy
Accuracy = 3

Indian - Muslim (therefore terrorists, suicide bombers), smelly, steals stuff, massive accent, keeners
Accuracy = 2.5

Jewish (white but somehow differs from other whites) - greedy, cheap, huge noses, backstabbers, rich
Accuracy = 3.5
An example of how stereotypes are used every day:

Hey look, there's a Muslim woman in a cloak. She must be carrying a bomb.
-Mark (a friend of mine)

The damn jew stole ripped me off! What we need is another holocaust.
-Mark (yes, hes a racist)
by thebeaver July 22, 2005
A usually cruel generalization of a certain group of people. Although usually cruel, almost always true.
1. Asians have small penis' (true)
2. Jews are cheap (true)
3. Men are always rude (true)
4. All men want sex (true)
5. All women love to spend all men's money (true)
6. Mexican's take low paying jobs for long hours (true)
7. Jews like chinese food (can be true but not always)
8. Blacks never fight, they shoot (true)
9. Americans are fat and lazy (true)
10. Women are all good looking (false, email me if you need proof)

All are a form of Stereotype
by greatkoreanhunter June 18, 2007
Something that describes the true flaws in a certain group of people. Although some PC people call this racist, sexest, ect. 99% of the time it is true.
Every stereotype has solid proof to back if up.
by USAPatriot2007 August 03, 2004
A stereotype is something that identifies one person from another. These include but are not limited to gender, race, religion, and nationality.
People of Asian stereotypes tend to have different values and morals than people of other stereotypes,
by Anonymous Whatever May 23, 2016
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