The gayest shit ever. Period.
Nobody should be categorized by what they wear, or the music they listen to, they are just doing whatever the fuck they want, and not trying to impress anybody.
Any middle-school social grouping such as emo, goth, prep, gangsta, jock

Or, any assumption that one characteristic of a person determines another,

All jews are not greedy

All politicians do not stereotype

All muslims are not terrorists

All female bartenders are not harlots

by VeronicaElectronica January 12, 2008
When somebody says something about a certain group of people that a lot of people think is true but really it isnt.

Sometimes they are true though, but on a rare occasion.

Here are some examples.

All blacks like rap.

All white people from the south like country.

All blacks are gangsters and live in the ghetto.

All blondes are stupid.

All people with A.D.D or A.D.H.D are idiots who always get bad grades.

Everybody from the south is a redneck.

All Americans are money crazed.

All Canadians say "eh" all the time.

All emos cut and hate life (true)

These are all stereotype's.
by A person90 March 15, 2009
Usually an inappropriate prejudice of someone of a certain skin color or cultural background. Although very offensive, they are almost always true and therefore humorous. White people do not have any bad stereotypes because they are superior and therefore have no bad qualities. The only people that do not think that stereotypes are true are the people in which they are about. Many times the word "ignorance" is used by people that are against stereotypes to describe those that make fun of them, but this is irrelevant because witnessing stereotypes with your six senses is most definitely not ignorance.
ex.) person 1:Man!, I can't hear you talking over those loud black people over there.
person 2: dude, that is such an ignorant stereotype.
person 1: wait, so you don't hear them practically yelling in ebonics over there?
person 2: What!?!? I can't hear you.
person 1: exactly...
by keep the dream alive April 25, 2011
Usually the truth about a certain culture, ethnicity, or genre of human life. But we use words like "Stereotypes" to cover up the truth so it can be "Politically Correct"
D1:Dude, why are all emo kids always dressed in black and calim to hate life?(Sarcastic)

D2:I know right?(non-Sarcastic)

D1:What a stereotype.

D2: Oh you were being sarcastic? I was being serious, because all emo kids DO hate life and dress in black...
by Adam Westcock February 03, 2009
The other 50% of what the definitions here are based on, tied with sex.
Saying all posts either have to do with stereotypes or sex is a stereotype.

by KamikazeKaiserKai August 10, 2008
A truthful statement that is painful to hear and difficult to absorb.
I hate stereotypes about my people.
by ☢_☢ August 14, 2009
An automatic overgeneralization of certain labels, regardless of accuracy; over-abused discrimination; Cutting (is actually a form of non-sexual masochism)

Cheerleaders: Vain, slutty bitches who are too self-absorbed

Emos: Attention-seeking whores (Mostly the fakes and wannabes) (Fakes and wannabes=Majority of emo population these days); Wannabe scene queens; Emo Elmo (in my opinion, bullshit and an inaccurate judgement of "emo")

Celebrities: Over-paid actors and musicians just waiting to be judged and showered with overrated popularity; "Scandalous"
Examples of stereotypes (regardless of accuracy):

"All cheerleaders are skinny, skanky, and anorexic"

"Why don't all you stupid emos just bleed to death, you depressed attention-seeking whores?" (someone actually said that to me)

"OMFG, like, Miley Cyrus!!!"
by Zero The Dark Angel January 11, 2009

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