a common assumtion or image that isn't neccisarally correct held about a particular group based on some known chareteristics.
you shouldn't make judgements based on stereotypes
by Kevin Galbreth October 23, 2006
A label (usually negative) that people assume applies to EVERYONE who belongs to a certain group.

Muslims are terrorists

British people are WASPs

Black people are violent and stupid

Women who wear revealing clothing are prostitutes

Asians are workaholics and overachievers

Gays and lesbians are freaks

Blondes are stupid

Intelligent people are nerds

Creative, artistic people are freaks, devil-worshippers, effeminate, and suicidal

Violists are just violinists who can't play to save their lives

Girls are snobby and only care about boys
by violagirl May 04, 2012
A stereotype is to catergorize a group of people. People don't usually understand that type of group or person , so they put them into classifications, because they think that person is only good at that , and thats the way it is.
Stereotypes =
Dancings Only For Girls.

Shopping is only For Girls.

Sports are only for guys.
by DarkGaikoz June 09, 2010
A) A generalization used to describe a group of people. Often times they are negatively driven, but may also have positive connotations. They are often times true, but some are highly exaggerated and should be mentioned sparingly.

B) A word that serves as an excuse to stereotype people by posting this definition on Urban Dictionary. Watch out, stereotypees!
Shaniqua: Damn gurl you got some tiny-ass chest and tinier eyelids . Ain't no surprise cuz you a asian ho.

Yoko: Shut up you onry good at scaring peopurl and speak-u ebonics. That no real language. Stopu stereotype me!

Shaneequa: Like you can talk English better than me!

by muffin lover September 16, 2008
n. a small kernel of truth that lies at the bottom of a pillowcase full of shit.
Drew Peacock- " Hey Otto, I knew you were black but I didn't know that your dad was born in Africa! That's cool."
Otto Wanaduyu- " Yeah, he is."
Kenny Naylor- " Wait a minute, does that mean that he has a click in his name? ... Oh I'm so jealous of him!"
Harry Buzzerd- " Not all Africans have clicks in their names."
Otto- " Actually, his first name is Dapopo. I guess the whole click thing must be a stereotype."
by strickenuptosomething May 26, 2010
1) General assumptions about a group of people often perpetuated through the form of tasteless jokes.

2)Sometimes ironically spread by people joking about their own group.

3) What people sometimes point out in anger unintentionally teaching others about it who have never heard of it and appearing like a bigot.

4) Sometimes accidently said by someone who isn't aware that it's a stereotype and gets weird looks and doesn't know why.
"Oh, it's probably a/an ***** guy ahahah. I'm just kidding, just kidding!"

"What the?"

"Yeah, cause ***** people are known for doing that."

"That's awful. I've never heard that...."

"Yeah, but it's a common stereotype that....Um...Nevermind."

"Haha, dude, you're so awkward right now it's hilarious."
by PsuedoPsam November 27, 2011
1: An excuse to judge people because they are different than you in any way, shape, or form.

2: Pathetic, Stop with them.
1: Emo is a stereotype.

2: Scene is a stereotype.

3: Prep , Jock , "Br00tal"/ Brutal Kids , Nerd , Geek , Loser..etc.

4: Anything else you hear your dumb friends saying when they are judging someone they don't (nor have tried to or gotten to) know...
by BrittanyFCFTW May 18, 2010
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