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when someone disrespects your manhood.
chick: you can't even pay for dinner or kill a spider, what's wrong with you
guy: damn quit steppin on my dick!
by Passing July 16, 2014
When you get your Dick "stepped-on", someone has Stopped you

from doing something you wanted to do or Needed to do.

It has nothing to do with Sex, But.... it CAN be used in place of "Cock-blocking".
Joe: "Hey Fred. Chris is selling me his car for $50 bucks. But I need to wait til tomorrow,

when I get the money.

(Then Fred goes behind Joe's back and buys the car 1st).

Joe: "Damn, that dude Fred be 'Steppin on My Dick'!"

*** Another example:

Joe: "Hey, Susie. I know I've been trying to date you for years, but you don't like me.

So I'm going to ask Marilyn to go out with me. I heard she really likes me.

So I guess you and I can be just friends after-all."

(Susie then goes behind Joe's back and makes up Lies about him, to Marilyn. So Marilyn ends up

dating someone Else) !

Joe: "Damn. Susie never liked me, but she went and Stepped on My Dick. And now Marilyn

doesn't like me either. :/ "

Stepping on Someone's Dick is a form of Haterism.
by JoeBloh July 24, 2014
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