An amazing individual, Stephanies are the most unique people you will ever meet. They are often red-headed with a fiery personality to match. These creatures are magnificent; they are intelligent, can make you grin from ear to ear, electrifying, and very beautiful, but their beauty is often unappreciated. If you happen to cross a Stephanie, and want to keep it; quickly run to your nearest Tim Hortons and purchase a steeped tea to-go. Then, give the tea to one of your fairly attractive male aquaintances, and make him stand next to you for an easy catch.
Guy 1: Woah! Who is that hot ginger?

Guy 2: Dude, that must be a Stephanie!
by Iluvrice September 23, 2010
Is a very sweet girl, who makes you feel like a happy meal with extra happy just being around her. Stephanie’s lovvvve jewelry and their favorite pastime is napping. You might even say Stephanie is the act of taking this well thought out afternoon siesta. However, sometimes napping actually isn’t occurring at all, but instead - rolling and flipping around in ones bed seemingly like a fish in search of water. While rolling around in her bed and trying to get comfy in her homemade cocoon of ruffled pillows and quilted blankets Stephanie’s will often be found rocking a hair bun and comfy pants tucked into her knitted socks or simply sporting a onsie all while admiring her Pandora wishlist on her ipad and eating cheese fishies.
Quite simply put - Stephanie is basically ADORRRRRABLE!!!
by Clematis Ramona January 14, 2014
A wonderful best friend to have and the most amazing girl in the world! She is a amazing athelete and is VERY ticklish, so shes a TOTAL keeper! With her perfect tan, sparkley eyes, wonderful sense of style, sense of humor, and her smarts guys love her and are simpliy attrached to her. She loves all kinds of music especially country-pop! haha. Stephanie is a very caring person and always has a smile on her face unless she is beating someone up! LOL! Bottom line is: Stephanie is the most perfect girl in the world and is a perfect best friend or girlfriend.
Boy 1: Dang Stephanie is so amazing
Boy 2: Ya i wish she was my girlfriend
Boy 1: Same
by dancedancedance101 December 29, 2011
beautiful person, amazing heart, awesome listener, always cares about her friends, most trustworthy friend ever. if you ever come across a Stephanie make sure you know what your dealing with cause you don't want to lose someone like her. and dont forget sexy.
man:yo, why you so happy?
man2:i just spoke to Stephanie, man shes amazing, always knows what to say and don't forget sexy.
man:i wish my girl was like Stephanie
man2:ya that's right shes mine and im never letting her go!!!
by jenjen415 December 29, 2011
falls in love far too easily, stephanie finds it hard to find a boy who will treat her perfect, and i can guarantee shes in love with a boy who was everything to her, once heart broken hard to mend, unless its the boy her minds set on, usually gets over a boy fast, but when its the one she truely loves, its hard to sleep
"stephanie falls in love too easily!"
"stephanie cant stop thinking about her ex"
by someone with a heart December 13, 2011
Anybody named Stephanie is a beyond beautiful sexy girl with more talent and more confidence than any blonde you will meet. Stephanies are very competetive, especially when it comes to blondes. They sometimes feel like nerds around blondes when really, they are six million times better than the blondes. The blondes that are not named stephanie are just plain selfish, unatractive bitches that brag because thats what they want people to think of them. Alot of blondes arent like that, like some are nice and sweet, but ones that brag all the time are brats. Stephanies are more popular than any Cindy or Kayla or Kelly or anyone, but stephanies dont always realize how popular they really are. Everyone loves stephanie because they definitly dont brag. All the guys are after her and all the girls would die to be her. Everyone wants to be her friend and when a guy ends a message he always puts 'love' at the end. Remember, stop loving he blondes and start loving the Stephanies!!
stephanie is so sweet.
by btmieeee January 16, 2012
Stephanies are amazing, they make great best friends that you become very close too. They are a little shy in the beginning but otherwise is the most loud person you'll ever meet. Mostly found paired with Mariah for a bestie. They love horses and energy drinks. They're pretty as fuck and skinny too. They can be smart one minute then the next be completly retarded. Usually blonde,and very protective of their belongings. They also love chinesse food:)
For you stephanie:)
by mariaheve December 23, 2011

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