Stephanie, is beauty to the max. She is very smart, even though she doesn't think so, and very Talented! She works hard for the things she wants and what she wants to accomplish. I have never seen the determination in another name. She doesn't have many flaws but the biggest one is she is a perfectionist, and will be very hard on herself, if she doesn't succeed. She is very sexy, and knows how to make a guy tingle. She puts guys emotions to the breaking point, but always seems to keep them on lock. Guys should do anything to have a Steph in their lives! Let me tell you, it's a roller coaster, but it's well worth it in the end <3. She will make you feel loved, cared about, and happy. She is perfection at it's best, and a true gift of God. The way to a Stephanie's heart is through your words, speak your heart, and make her feel special! She is the best thing that is going to happen to you, so make her feel the same way

And to My Stephanie, I Love You, and I want you to put your Hand On Your Heart... Remember I'm always there <3 Love You Babe
Stephanie is, true beauty!
by Jsmith74226 June 15, 2014
A wonderful best friend to have and the most amazing girl in the world! She is a amazing athelete and is VERY ticklish, so shes a TOTAL keeper! With her perfect tan, sparkley eyes, wonderful sense of style, sense of humor, and her smarts guys love her and are simpliy attrached to her. She loves all kinds of music especially country-pop! haha. Stephanie is a very caring person and always has a smile on her face unless she is beating someone up! LOL! Bottom line is: Stephanie is the most perfect girl in the world and is a perfect best friend or girlfriend.
Boy 1: Dang Stephanie is so amazing
Boy 2: Ya i wish she was my girlfriend
Boy 1: Same
by dancedancedance101 December 29, 2011
The most gorgeous, beautiful, smart, athletic, amazing, cool, person in the world.
Stephanie A.
by she_is_so_fucking_gorgeous<3 December 04, 2013
falls in love far too easily, stephanie finds it hard to find a boy who will treat her perfect, and i can guarantee shes in love with a boy who was everything to her, once heart broken hard to mend, unless its the boy her minds set on, usually gets over a boy fast, but when its the one she truely loves, its hard to sleep
"stephanie falls in love too easily!"
"stephanie cant stop thinking about her ex"
by someone with a heart December 13, 2011
Anybody named Stephanie is a beyond beautiful sexy girl with more talent and more confidence than any blonde you will meet. Stephanies are very competetive, especially when it comes to blondes. They sometimes feel like nerds around blondes when really, they are six million times better than the blondes. The blondes that are not named stephanie are just plain selfish, unatractive bitches that brag because thats what they want people to think of them. Alot of blondes arent like that, like some are nice and sweet, but ones that brag all the time are brats. Stephanies are more popular than any Cindy or Kayla or Kelly or anyone, but stephanies dont always realize how popular they really are. Everyone loves stephanie because they definitly dont brag. All the guys are after her and all the girls would die to be her. Everyone wants to be her friend and when a guy ends a message he always puts 'love' at the end. Remember, stop loving he blondes and start loving the Stephanies!!
stephanie is so sweet.
by btmieeee January 16, 2012
A very sweet girl who likes to show her affection for you by doing totally random and funny acts of endearment.
For example: throwing an abundance of candy down someone's boxer briefs

John - dude you'll never guess what happened to me the other day

Ricky - What happens holmes?

John - My girlfriend threw a bunch of candy down my boxers and they got all stuck to my junk. I was totally taken by surprise. The next day my ball sac had all the colors of the rainbow on it.

Ricky - Holy shit bro....she must really like you! That's true love right there. I wish my girlfriend would Stephanie meeee!
by Clematis Ramona January 16, 2014
beautiful person, amazing heart, awesome listener, always cares about her friends, most trustworthy friend ever. if you ever come across a Stephanie make sure you know what your dealing with cause you don't want to lose someone like her. and dont forget sexy.
man:yo, why you so happy?
man2:i just spoke to Stephanie, man shes amazing, always knows what to say and don't forget sexy.
man:i wish my girl was like Stephanie
man2:ya that's right shes mine and im never letting her go!!!
by jenjen415 December 29, 2011

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