A girl who is beautiful, has a great smile, who is always happy no matter what. Has the most prettiest eyes. A girl who is never sad, and always has a smile on her face. The nicest person you can ever know. A girl who is the greatest friend you can ever have. A girl who is amazing
Stephanie a girl is amazing
by unknown name 123 April 13, 2011
The most pretty, smartest,funniest girl you'll ever meet. She's someone you can't let go of when you're in a relationship with.
Stephanie, I'll never stop loving you
by zoolander34567 January 07, 2012
Stephanie is, to say the least, is the most compassionate and selfless person I have ever met. The most beautiful girl in the whole world, who also has the best personality and sense of humor that anyone could imagine. Not to mention graceful and has the most infectious smile. Loving and caring, with no problems to open up to you and get the occasional cuddle. Your life isn't complete without Stephanie in it.
I am so glad I have met Stephanie, a truely amazing best friend
by FearlessPhil June 30, 2011
The most gorgeous, beautiful, smart, athletic, amazing, cool, person in the world.
Stephanie A.
by she_is_so_fucking_gorgeous<3 December 04, 2013
Stephanie, is beauty to the max. She is very smart, even though she doesn't think so, and very Talented! She works hard for the things she wants and what she wants to accomplish. I have never seen the determination in another name. She doesn't have many flaws but the biggest one is she is a perfectionist, and will be very hard on herself, if she doesn't succeed. She is very sexy, and knows how to make a guy tingle. She puts guys emotions to the breaking point, but always seems to keep them on lock. Guys should do anything to have a Steph in their lives! Let me tell you, it's a roller coaster, but it's well worth it in the end <3. She will make you feel loved, cared about, and happy. She is perfection at it's best, and a true gift of God. The way to a Stephanie's heart is through your words, speak your heart, and make her feel special! She is the best thing that is going to happen to you, so make her feel the same way

And to My Stephanie, I Love You, and I want you to put your Hand On Your Heart... Remember I'm always there <3 Love You Babe
Stephanie is, true beauty!
by Jsmith74226 June 15, 2014

An amazing individual, Stephanies are the most unique people you will ever meet. They are often red-headed with a fiery personality to match. These creatures are magnificent; they are intelligent, can make you grin from ear to ear, electrifying, and very beautiful, but their beauty is often unappreciated. If you happen to cross a Stephanie, and want to keep it; quickly run to your nearest Tim Hortons and purchase a steeped tea to-go. Then, give the tea to one of your fairly attractive male aquaintances, and make him stand next to you for an easy catch.
Guy 1: Woah! Who is that hot ginger?

Guy 2: Dude, that must be a Stephanie!
by Iluvrice September 23, 2010
A SUUUUPER fun, always apologetic, energetic friend..
Having one of these are always fun!
You can't not have a STEPHANIE around.
Just because somebody's named STEPHANIE, it doesn't mean they are THE STEPHANIE....
Sometimes, STEPHANIE will make you annoyed, BUT! she'll always repeat "IMSORRY" x10000000000!
If anybody has one of them STEPHANIE'S, treat her well. STEPHANIE just might go far someday.



by CAPSCAPSCAPS123 August 21, 2012

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