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A girl who owns a Red Jewel Tint 2010 Camaro SS that keeps getting rear ended.
You totally pulled a Stephanie.
by v6sonoma July 22, 2011

An amazing individual, Stephanies are the most unique people you will ever meet. They are often red-headed with a fiery personality to match. These creatures are magnificent; they are intelligent, can make you grin from ear to ear, electrifying, and very beautiful, but their beauty is often unappreciated. If you happen to cross a Stephanie, and want to keep it; quickly run to your nearest Tim Hortons and purchase a steeped tea to-go. Then, give the tea to one of your fairly attractive male aquaintances, and make him stand next to you for an easy catch.
Guy 1: Woah! Who is that hot ginger?

Guy 2: Dude, that must be a Stephanie!
by Iluvrice September 23, 2010
Stephanie is very nice and caring towards everyone and she always has a smile on her face no matter what and even though she doesnt know it she is very beautiful and smart.She is the type of girl that will always be there and make you feel great. But when you decide to get closer to a Stephanie beware cause she can make you go insane with grief if she pleases. She could make it feel like your heart was just flying through the air and feeling awesome then in a blink of an eye send it hurtling toward the sun at light speed where soon enough it will burn to a crisp then just fall apart. You have been warned :'(
A Stephanie is a friend like a rock star, but a close friend like a drug addict.
by Alex Billbob July 05, 2013
Stephanie is, to say the least, is the most compassionate and selfless person I have ever met. The most beautiful girl in the whole world, who also has the best personality and sense of humor that anyone could imagine. Not to mention graceful and has the most infectious smile. Loving and caring, with no problems to open up to you and get the occasional cuddle. Your life isn't complete without Stephanie in it.
I am so glad I have met Stephanie, a truely amazing best friend
by FearlessPhil June 30, 2011
A girl born with natural beauty, hangs with the guys, doesn't like drama, isn't a slut or anything close to that definition. She's independent and can't always rely on other people, you can trust her always she's not fake tells you staight up how it is. Other girls get easily jealous with a Stephanie in the room, Shes curvaceous and gorgeous and some Stephanies are virgins if not then their vagina sure feels like it's never been used. They are amazing sex partners and freaky but so innocent looking. Definitely marriage material, very observing and intelligent and knows it. She has huge family problems and seems to need help but doesn't ask because she wants to solve it on her own. Usually stressed out she's kind and you can always go to her for help. If you know a Stephanie DON'T let her go. Do your best to let her stay in your life. A Stephanie is worth it
Guy: I pray I marry a Stephanie!
by Virianna January 26, 2014
A SUUUUPER fun, always apologetic, energetic friend..
Having one of these are always fun!
You can't not have a STEPHANIE around.
Just because somebody's named STEPHANIE, it doesn't mean they are THE STEPHANIE....
Sometimes, STEPHANIE will make you annoyed, BUT! she'll always repeat "IMSORRY" x10000000000!
If anybody has one of them STEPHANIE'S, treat her well. STEPHANIE just might go far someday.



by CAPSCAPSCAPS123 August 21, 2012
Is a very sweet girl, who makes you feel like a happy meal with extra happy just being around her. Stephanie’s lovvvve jewelry and their favorite pastime is napping. You might even say Stephanie is the act of taking this well thought out afternoon siesta. However, sometimes napping actually isn’t occurring at all, but instead - rolling and flipping around in ones bed seemingly like a fish in search of water. While rolling around in her bed and trying to get comfy in her homemade cocoon of ruffled pillows and quilted blankets Stephanie’s will often be found rocking a hair bun and comfy pants tucked into her knitted socks or simply sporting a onsie all while admiring her Pandora wishlist on her ipad and eating cheese fishies.
Quite simply put - Stephanie is basically ADORRRRRABLE!!!
by Clematis Ramona January 14, 2014