Amazing ,, gorgeous ,, beautiful ,, stunning ,, hilarious and straight up the best girl you can meet. . She's got the most captivating smile and most mezmorizing eyes ever . . You'll fall in love instantly just when she glances your way . . Though she doesn't think shes any of that ,, shes beyond it . . She's a great trustworthy along with loyal friend . . She's so beautiful and cant be compared . . I love you Stephanie and this isn't even half enough to describe you . . <3
Person 1: I'm in love . .

Person 2: With Who ?
Person 1: The most amazing and gorgeous girl ever
Person 2: Stephanie ? Yea ,, i dont blame you
by Friendddddd1717 November 22, 2011
a common first name for a beautiful young woman. stephanie's are lot of fun to hang out with and be around. she can be your best friend or your worst enemy. don't get on her bad side. she's very sweet and has a unique fashion sense. she enjoys laughing and having a good time. stephanie's are some of the world's best people. she is cool and fun and easy to talk to. even though she is a bit disorganized.
i think stephanie is the coolest.
by chickaboo1280 May 14, 2011
The most beautiful girl with the most beautiful name. She might have trouble looking you in the eyes, but that's only because she doesn't want you to get lost in them. Her infinite beauty will always stun you, but if you love a Stephanie enough. You'll see that she's both beautiful on both the outside and inside. Super talented and gifted, she can do anything she sets her sights on. All this, and more, once you find a Stephanie. Hold her tight and tell her how amazing she is often.
Person 1: Wow, Stephanie is really talented...
Person 2: She's also super cool. Talked to her for ages the other day.
Person 1: You lucky dog, you.
by I am Velice Meryl Belic July 13, 2012
A girl born with natural beauty, hangs with the guys, doesn't like drama, isn't a slut or anything close to that definition. She's independent and can't always rely on other people, you can trust her always she's not fake tells you staight up how it is. Other girls get easily jealous with a Stephanie in the room, Shes curvaceous and gorgeous and some Stephanies are virgins if not then their vagina sure feels like it's never been used. They are amazing sex partners and freaky but so innocent looking. Definitely marriage material, very observing and intelligent and knows it. She has huge family problems and seems to need help but doesn't ask because she wants to solve it on her own. Usually stressed out she's kind and you can always go to her for help. If you know a Stephanie DON'T let her go. Do your best to let her stay in your life. A Stephanie is worth it
Guy: I pray I marry a Stephanie!
by Virianna January 26, 2014
Stephanie is very nice and caring towards everyone and she always has a smile on her face no matter what and even though she doesnt know it she is very beautiful and smart.She is the type of girl that will always be there and make you feel great. But when you decide to get closer to a Stephanie beware cause she can make you go insane with grief if she pleases. She could make it feel like your heart was just flying through the air and feeling awesome then in a blink of an eye send it hurtling toward the sun at light speed where soon enough it will burn to a crisp then just fall apart. You have been warned :'(
A Stephanie is a friend like a rock star, but a close friend like a drug addict.
by Alex Billbob July 05, 2013
The most amazing girl you will ever meet. Shes sweet, talented, cute, funny, your best friend, and just pure amazing. Every atom that makes up her is made up of pure amazing. She will love you til the end of time so don't ever let her go.
Stephanie is an amazing friend and an amazing girlfriend.
by Andrewsexii September 18, 2012
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