The Girl that every guy wants to have, yet her heart belongs to just ONE...

Girls night out Stephanie is the most beautiful girl in the group.
She's fearless will gas up at a truck stop gas station...
There is always a Stephanie at the party.
by LincolnJames February 02, 2010
A girl who is very caring, who sticks up for family, and while she may have many problems she manages to always move ahead of them, no matter how often she faces them day-to-day. Her face is stunning, and you feel special when she looks at you. She is very hyper and random, but only shows it to those she feels comfortable around. A great kisser: her lips are extremely sexy and they feel even better! But she can also be shy and quiet, which is very attractive.
Dude 1: "Dang who is that girl?"

Dude 2: "That's Stephanie man!"

Dude 1: "Oh my gosh she looks so pretty I just want to give her a hug!"
by Guywithmanynames November 16, 2010
Usually the more intelligent and prettier twin.
that twins the smarter and prettier twin. She must be a Stephanie.
by Jenny Flourence March 09, 2009
An amazing and wonderful girl that is truely great! She can steal your heart but trust me, there would be no complaining. "Freaky" and totaly sexy and she has beautiful bedroom blue eyes.
Stephanie is a super sexy and "Freaky" and wonderful girl and i am glad she stole my heart.
by C. Dirk Salas March 21, 2007
The sweetest & most down to earth person you'll ever meet.
she truly is the coolest. Super friendly, Dresses very nice in her own unique way. Is loved by many & hated by a jealous few. She has a laugh that makes other people laugh too. She can light up any room she walks in, she just has this beautiful aura about her. She stands out from the rest.

Not all Stephanie's are alike but when you truly meet a Stephanie like this keep her close & never let her go or you'll regret it.
person 1: hey do you talk to Stephanie?

person 2: no, but i really wish i did. She seems so chill.
by thuggishrubbish October 10, 2012
The girl that you fall in love with at first sight. Her amazing green eyes make your soul melt. Her smile leaves you aching. The touch of Stephanie will leave your body with endless goosebumps, pleasurable tingles and enchantment. The lips of this beautiful woman remind you of lucious, juicy fruits that you want to indulge yourself in. Its what she does to you. Oh, its what she does to you.
I love Stephanie in Laguna Beach.

Will you marry me Stephanie?
by Boo Boo Bear Butt February 02, 2010
A very nice, smart, hot, girl inside and out. She loves to be around guy's but she isn'n a slut! She has the best personality and doesn't care what other pepole say about her.She could text you all day , no joke! Dresses really pretty. She has soft, wavy, shiny, and light brown hair. Wich goes perfectly with her beautiful light brown eyes. Very, chill person to kick it with , will always be their for you like she has always been with me. She isn't skinny as a twig. She's thick and beautiful and I love her that way. Her smile is contagious! She Love's music, she can listen to it all day and not get bored. The list goes on about Stephanie but these are a few things :)
I love you Stephanie!
-Your best friend Armando M.
Guy 1 : Hey i heard you broke up with your girlfriend because she cheated on you. Is it true?

Guy 2 : Yeah, but it's all good now my bestfriend Stephanie cheered me up, like she always does.

Guy 1 : Oh yeah she's nice.

Guy 2 : Yeah I know I'm thinking about asking her out I've always like her...

Guy 1: Yeah you should she's hella cool.
by Armando M. July 15, 2010

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