The name of the most beautiful girl in the whole world, who also has the best personality and sense of humor that anyone could imagine. Sometimes refered to as a "dream girl". Perfect marriage material.
No way, you are dating Stephanie?!? You have to be the luckiest guy on earth!
by HerBooBoo January 21, 2007
Classic but quirky dark haired beauty. Eyes that see through to your soul from clear across the room. Professional yet fun-loving to the business world while at the same time a twisted sick sense of humor with friends. Hangs better with the boys. Not afraid to worship her inner geek. Artistic, with a deep appreciation of the darker things in life. A lyrical heart open to everyone. Always in touch with her inner child. Twisted little vixen when your alone. If you ever found one and were too stupid to notice, find her again and beg her to let you back in to the circle quick before another guy gets your space.
Yeah I had a Stephanie once, in college, never should have let her get away.
by Robin_Hood February 03, 2010
The most amazing girl you'll ever meet. You'll fall for her no questions asked. If you find the right Stephanie, never let her go...
That Stephanie, I'm gonna marry her some day.

-She's perfect
-Yeah, she's a Stephanie

by Wasted In October 28, 2008
The most amazing girl in the world. Her soft brown eyes, infectious smile and curvaceous body make every guy go crazy and every girl jealous. She laughs at almost anything, but especially dirty or cheezy jokes. In addition to the sexy body and warm personality, she's also very intelligent. Some would say she's a genius. She may experience some family disputes, but don't let that worry you...she will always rise above the pettiness. When she snuggles into your arms, you'll know what true love is. She is very feminine, but not a girly-girl. She gets dressed up and shakes her booty on the dance floor, but she'll also hike and climb and maybe even try snorkeling . If she trusts you, she will open up completely and let you into her life. If this happens to you, you are the luckiest man alive. And although she may live far away, the day when she returns will make it all worth while.
I'm so happy that Stephanie is mine. I never want to be without Stephanie.
by babynumzitgel February 04, 2010
the best friend anyone could ask for, acts weird (not a bad thing), and is always very supportive. She is very pretty and has the coolest eyes ever. its hard not to love a person this great.
stephanie will be my best friend forever <3
by jerry902 February 03, 2010
Meaning the crowned one. A woman charmed with a beautiful smile and charismatic personality. Her intense drive and gorgeous exterior attracts and entices the opposite sex. Her character and abilities often challenge people with the intent to empower themselves and rise up to a higher level of existence.This Goddess shows love in her words and actions to all creatures yet her heart belongs to one man.This superman has earned her respect and loyalty. She requires the same mutual respect and admiration that she so devotedly has shown to him. Those who misunderstand this phenomenonal creature usually retaliate out of jealousy instead of cherishing her talents and unique gifts. If betrayed or threatened she will withdraw her presence from your life.
Too bad more people aren't like Stephanie.
by Cnfsd November 27, 2010
A girl who is very caring, who sticks up for family, and while she may have many problems she manages to always move ahead of them, no matter how often she faces them day-to-day. Her face is stunning, and you feel special when she looks at you. She is very hyper and random, but only shows it to those she feels comfortable around. A great kisser: her lips are extremely sexy and they feel even better! But she can also be shy and quiet, which is very attractive.
Dude 1: "Dang who is that girl?"

Dude 2: "That's Stephanie man!"

Dude 1: "Oh my gosh she looks so pretty I just want to give her a hug!"
by Guywithmanynames November 16, 2010

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