stupid bitch that shouldn't breed.
No class, "trashy"; Stephanie is not a role model for kids.
by Annonymous Friend February 03, 2010
Stephanie (n): A washed up, overly tanned individual with a loose vagina. Usually appears to have stringy, overly processed hair, and wears trashy, hastily assembled ensembles purchased on sale from Charlotte Russe, normally including a low cut top to reveal AA titties. Also see gold digger.
Wow, that girl is so old and washed up...she looks like a Stephanie.
by marinesediments February 04, 2010
crazy drunk bitch; always drunk, always a crazy bitch
guy 1: holy shit that girl is wasted on a tuesday morning

guy 2: i know, what a stephanie
by loveshoy69 March 04, 2009
sexy, virgin greek who wants to get some by ghetto black man.
that girl is pulling such a "stephanie" tonight
by shortaaaay July 13, 2009
A retard that acts all retarded
"look at that stephanie"
"yeah shes acting all stephanie"
"fuckn stephanies"
by most awesomest person ever! August 05, 2009
a horn-dog, trying for the sex, but always failing at any attempt.
god, jack is such a 'stephanie'
by mysterious-man August 09, 2009
a infertile girl who likes cock in and around her mouth every day and night she likes to keep the pimp hand strong and keep her boys on a leash makes war not love
stephanie ur really not that cool
by alannn ;p June 21, 2009

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