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A girl or woman with a taste for hasty, unplanned sex in inconvenient settings, like crowded monasteries, dirty theme parks, treacherous, overflowing sewers, wakes, etc. They are sly, quick witted and favor odd, bland snacks, like seeds and dried flowers. They have a hippy tinge, often wearing rough garments made from animal scabs and state park patches.
hasty, sex, monasteries, Stephanie
by fresh fiend February 05, 2010
a faggie who puts people at the loser table......she is very attractive though
hey lets not go sit by that faggie stephanie...she is attractive though
by stpehanie's BFF! February 08, 2010
stupid bitch that shouldn't breed.
No class, "trashy"; Stephanie is not a role model for kids.
by Annonymous Friend February 03, 2010
Stephanie (n): A washed up, overly tanned individual with a loose vagina. Usually appears to have stringy, overly processed hair, and wears trashy, hastily assembled ensembles purchased on sale from Charlotte Russe, normally including a low cut top to reveal AA titties. Also see gold digger.
Wow, that girl is so old and washed up...she looks like a Stephanie.
by marinesediments February 04, 2010
crazy drunk bitch; always drunk, always a crazy bitch
guy 1: holy shit that girl is wasted on a tuesday morning

guy 2: i know, what a stephanie
by loveshoy69 March 04, 2009
sexy, virgin greek who wants to get some by ghetto black man.
that girl is pulling such a "stephanie" tonight
by shortaaaay July 13, 2009
A retard that acts all retarded
"look at that stephanie"
"yeah shes acting all stephanie"
"fuckn stephanies"
by most awesomest person ever! August 05, 2009