Very emotional and sensitive. Gets mad alot, and doesnt take jokes lightly. Can be nice at times , and also fun to hang out with. Relatively pretty and thin.
Other: Hey, Stephanie my lips are skittles, do you want to taste the rainbow?

Stephanie: Omg NO your like soooo UGLY and NASTY get away from me YOU NASTY HUMAN BEING! JERK :( -cries home-
by QTTT456 August 08, 2011
The office slut.
"...and this is Stephanie, the office slut," said the very jealous blonde.
by MoDee June 13, 2013
A really annoying girl, who thinks Dwyer has no friends. She is incredibly stupid and tries to be an underacheiver by hanging with the back of the class crew but in reality she is no different than Danielle Barringer, except stupider
Your Such a Stephanie - Dwyer

Hi - Dwyer
by dwizecanhypnotize May 25, 2011
The hoe-bag with no friends, usually spotted talking to people who find her annoying or eating sandwiches. She tends to get boyfriends but they only really use her for sexual activities. Stephanie's tend to get preganant before the age of 16,
Look at that girl eating a sandwich
She is such a stephanie
by monkeyhoebag November 23, 2011
A typical name for your typical bitch. Her looks toilet and can only be plunged up with make up and cheap hair products. They spend most of the time whining and bitching. Stephanie's are loose , horrible , mean , and nothing special. You could replace them in a second.
Stephanie is a filthy pig.

Trailer trash Stephanie.

Did you hear about Stephanie ? Ew.
All stephanies are ugly ass hoes with flat chest and boobs..they're the most fake girls you can ever meet and they are SUCH dumb bitches. if at all possible, avoid meeting these infamous creatures of the earth because all they do is cause problems.
"hahaha ew who's that nasty looking wannabe slut? Oh yah! It's that dumb bitch Stephanie thinkin she's hottt again!"
by ffuhhchuu August 29, 2011
1. a noun used to describe sluts of the highest level: a skankish bitch who is usually antisocial, short, blonde, flat chested and pathetic. one such girl is often mistaken for a boy and dresses skankish to compensate her male like structure. outfits may include miniskirts miniskirts and more miniskirts, shortshorts, skintight jeans, floss, g strings, tights, and nothing but tanktops and small shirts to expose her miniscule breast. stephanieees tend to stick to the shadows and be as pansexual as they get.... can be referred to as a nympho but not in a good way, tend to stick anything they can find up their floppy vaginas and are fueled by cum

2. another word for guanaria, herpes, siphallis, crabs, or the mythical Guanherpesiphaids
WOW, shes been acting like such a Stephanieee lately, screwed her boyfriend, then his best friend, her girl best friend, all 14 of her cats and i think shes going for her oven!?

Man u should go get checked out for Stephanieee after sticking your junk in that cum dumpster
by not that kinda girl October 23, 2011

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