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WWE Chairman Vince McMahon's daughter who is the head of Creative Writing for WWE Television, despite being completely unqualified for the position. Her position of power is largely responsible for the decline in quality of the past several years and her husband HHH's dominance during the same time period. She is due to deliver their first child, who will grow up horribly messed up, very soon.
On the September 13, 2001 episode of Smackdown, Stephanie McMahon revealed what a sick, deluded, heartless person she really is when she equated the 9/11 attacks with her father's steroid trial.
by Jason Kreitzer May 01, 2006
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She is Vince's sluttily-dressed daughter in WWE.
Stephanie McMahon is a fucking slut! Why can't she dress more conservatively?
by Rupert Ppkn September 04, 2007
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