n. A smell that is difficult to remove.

Proper noun: Kevin "the Stench" Kicklighter.
What's that smell? Is that a taco in a bag?

No, it's "the Stench". He's within 100 yards.
by Kevin Costner January 19, 2004
Top Definition
Odor that lingers.
There is this strange stench of smegma near my anus! what a folly!
by Adam Mills July 22, 2003
Unappealling aroma, possibly difficult to remove
"Jesus Christ, Barbara, the stench from your flange this morning is disgusting"

by Stevie October 16, 2003
a term to describe zombies by those living in a world that has a seen a zombie outbreak.
Billy: Look at that stench's face. Kinda looks like your mum's
Joe: Shutup Billy I'm telling!
by CooCooCoo January 26, 2006
A word for the smell a dirty bum, crutch or any other body part emitts when it hasnt been washed in some time.
Where is that smell coming from? OH, it's you shane.....take a shower!
by Laurah February 06, 2005
A derisive synonym for "French".

Most often used by the British who despise their arrogant neighbors to the south, this term is borne of the French disdain for personal hygiene. As an example, the Stench invented the bidet, a device to wash your crotch, while leaving the rest of your body smelling like rotten eggs. Go figure.
Nigel: I sat next to this heathen on the Chunnel train to Paris today, and I got so sick I threw up.

Winston: Why was that, mate?

Nigel: I think this disgusting tosser was Stench.

Winston: Blimey, those people really stink.
by Fast Eddie, AKA The KOS November 04, 2013
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